Juvenile Home

Right to Survival:A child's right to survival begins before a child is born. According to Government of India, a child life begins after twenty weeks of conception. Hence the right to survival is inclusive of the child rights to be born, right to minimum standards of food, shelter and clothing, and the right to live with dignity.

Right to Protection:A child has the right to be protected from neglect, exploitation and abuse at home, and elsewhere.

Right to Participation: A child has a right to participate in any decision making that involves him/her directly or indirectly. There are varying degrees of participation as per the age and maturity of the child.

Right to Development: Children have the right to all forms of development: Emotional, Mental and Physical. Emotional development is fulfilled by proper care and love of a support system, mental development through education and learning and physical development through recreation, play and nutrition.


(I) Care and Protection:
  A) Information upload in the Track Child Portal for vulnerable children.
  B) Individual Care Plan Preparation, Provide nutritious food, special food on occasion, Proper education (formal and informal), cultural development, health and Hygienic development,
(II) Shelter: Individual accommodation, provide individual cot, personal belongings as per requirement, Drinking water, toilet facility, cleaning, etc. in homely atmosphere.
(III) Rehabilitation: Skill development and skill up gradation for self employment and entrepreneurship development has been provided.
(IV) Sponsorship: Poor, neglected, abused those have care and protection scope in family atmosphere for education purpose they will be provided education sponsorship programme under the scheme.


(I) Temporary shelter: Those children conflict with law and observation before any court or Juvenile Justice board will stay in the observation Home for temporary shelter under the custody memo of concern court.
(II) Protection : Only for purpose of protection for not bring the child into associate with any known criminal, associates of criminals, expose to moral, physical or psychological danger or defeat the end of Justice.
(III) Rehabilitation: Skill development and skill up gradation for self employment and entrepreneurship development has been provided.
(IV) Trial before Juvenile Justice Board: Direction made by the judicial authority for production the children before the authority time to time.
(V) Legal aid Services: There is a Facility for legal service as per requirement by deputed law personal/expert with the association of District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) to dispose the cases.