All sorts of social welfare activities for sic, distress, disable persons, aged, helpless, widows, destitute person as well as development of socio-economic and cultural status of backward classes, Indigent and weaker section of the Society with peace and justice through arrangement of orientation training motivation for action, education, health service, sanitation, Ambulance facilities, development of agriculture with modern technology, training in different useful trades, self employment etc. Proper planning and implementation of local resource and culture. The principle of CASS is to achievement of highest co-ordination amongst village level youth clubs through integrated social service involving young members of those clubs with maximum participation of local people for welfare projects and direct work with the people in the neglected area.


The word 'CHAK-KUMAR' indicates the name of. Village where the association is actually situated, 'ASSOCIATION' means the unity of people against envelopment with peace and justice, 'FOR' indicate the human society in all respects and the word 'SOCIAL SERVICE' Denotes its non political or all political and social well being in the society. So CASS means common people in a common platform to create a modern Society through Consciousness, utilization of local resources for their lasting life.


CASS is an Autonomous, non-profit making nonpolitical Social welfare based Secular Philanthropic Voluntary organization along with an Association for village level youth clubs. CASS organized by an Autonomous body consisting of seven members composed for three years. Every three years interval the Executive body will be consist by its own members in the General election as per rules and regulation of CASS


  • Development of Co-ordination amongst village level youth clubs with CASS and strengthening of their organizational status involving young members. Implementation of welfare project through 'them with proper monitoring and evaluation and under taking new innovative programmes utilizing their local resources
  • Promotion of Child Development Services through decentralized projects on Supplementary Nutrition, Pre-school Education, Formal & non formal school, Kindergarten School, Immunization, Health and Nutrition Education to Mothers, Family Welfare Service, Mother& Child Health, Nutritional Rehabilitation, Physical & Cultural Education along with proper training to Child Development Workers.
  • Promotion of women and youths in the society through community Development project on involvement with the proper planning and works for Development in the society, Women's rights, Awareness Training Motivation for Action, Vocational training, Self¬-employment programme, Income generation programme, creation of Self help groups etc. through our Community Development Workers and members for women and youths.
  • Strengthening of Rural Economy through introduction of scientific methods and appropriate technology on agriculture & Village Industry with local resources, Vocational Training to rural unemployed youths, destitute children and women for their self¬ employment programme through different income generation schemes.
  • Reconstruction of Rural Environment through arrangement of water supply. Repair of village roads, Low cost Improved Chula and latrine for every family, construction of low cost houses for destitute, SC/ST/MC & OBC etc.
  • Promotion of Relief service for rural people in natural Calamities.
  • Promotion of monitoring and Evaluation of welfare services through conference, seminars, workshop, and study groups, Publication, Awareness Generation camp etc.
  • Make our Environment clean and green.
  • Aged welfare, (Counseling & Rehabilitation, legal, medical etc.) for the promotion of older persons in the Society.
  • Various types of welfare & development activities for Dalit, Disabilities, Minorities, Back ward and downtrodden people.
  • Functioning as District level Resource Organization for Children with Special Need(CWSN) and other disable people for enrich to main stream in the society.
  • Entrepreneur ship Development Training Programme for un employed youth both in technical/skillup gradation and Managerial Training for new setup unit running unit etc.
  • Vocational/Skill training for the people/youth for minimized present worth unemployment situation.
  • Vocational/Skill training for the people/youth for minimized present worth unemployment situation.
  • Protect Child rights, rehabilitation, restoration, shelter, Education, Skill Training for Juvenile In Conflict with Law (JCL), Child Need of Care and Protection (CNCP) and Missing Child for the best interest of child.
  • CHILD LINE for missing child, Child labour, Need of Care and Protection, restoration, shelter, Education medical support etc. through 24hours emergency service for the best interest of child.